Thursday, May 14, 2009

Live Long & Prosper

makes me happy.

Since I've been with Kevyn, every time a new Star Trek movie comes out - I know I'm going to go see it.

I watched a wee bit of Star Trek here and there growing up but never really got hooked, I'm certainly not the fan my husband is. Having said that, as this current Star Trek flick is the third one to be released since we began dating, I have now got a feel for it and think I was even kind of excited to see it.

Well let me tell you... as you may be able to tell from the photo above, which I snapped upon leaving the theater, we were both totally dug it!

Also, I now understand why Kev calls me an alien all the time... perhaps you should have been a little more specific honey, using the correct nomenclature - Vulcan is the term you've been meaning to use... Vulcan.

I believe the little bun in the oven would agree as she kept going bananas whenever Spock appeared on screen. Eh? Half human, half Vulcan.

Speaking of babies, does anyone else agree that the new James T. Kirk, Chris Pine, could be the love child of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise? Just saying is all.

I come to serve.


Barbara said...

I have never seen a star trek movie.

Anonymous said...

did you say baby girl?!!! Maegan said...

ahahhaah lololol. My husband is DYING to see it., not so much, but I bet it's good. You two ...sorry, you Three!!! are so freaking adorable!