Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Long Roots

make me happy.

Not sure if this is the case in The United States but, up here in Canada, it is illegal to spray weed pesticides.

There is, therefore, A LOT of weed pulling by hand and/or with hand held devices, as Kevyn is so eloquently demonstrating here.

The beauty of the apparatus he is using in these shots is that very little bending over is required. The pitfall is, it doesn't always get the weed at the root.

But when it does...

it sure feels good!

It's the little things folks.


Anonymous said...

We can use weed killer here - although the way Kevyn is doing it works better. Or so my husband says.

Anonymous said...

The key to those things is to pull the weed out slowly, that will get you a full root everytime.

With smaller weeds the trick is to not insert the device all the way in, then gently tug at the weed in question.

Always remember to pull out slowly. Mmmm hmmm.


justme said...

it is so cathartic to pull a good weed out!