Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother Nature's Wild Ways

make me happy.

I was up bright and early on Saturday morning to drive Kev to the airport and it was simply gorgeous outside. A big, beautiful sun was rising and the air was filled with a warm gentle breeze.

Back home, an hour later, Cashius and I headed out on our morning walk enjoying said glorious morning until, someone flicked off the sun, black clouds rolled in, and the buzz of the morning birds was replaced by crazy loud claps of thunder.

We barely made it in the door before our neighborhood was pelted with these...

golf ball sized hail!

Safe under our front porch awning, we enjoyed the show. It was a wild one - which actually made me kind of giddy, enthusiastic to have experienced it, and excited to tell Kev all about it when he skyped me from Vegas.

That was until...

we discovered a couple days later our gazebo hadn't enjoyed the storm with the same thrill as I.



i am playing outside said...

that's sad! i didn't know there was such a hailstorm so relatively close to ottawa!surprised i didn't hear about it.

Montreal Street Views said...

Great Pic of the hail!

The best to you, Kev and baby!