Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Perfect Sunday

makes me happy.

Oddly, and luckily for Kevyn, we had NO plans or obligations for this past Sunday.

I say 'luckily for Kevyn' as I no longer suffer from the same sort aches and pains as most do following the wedding of two their best friends. No, my aches and pains these days are of a different kind, perhaps not as severe or intense. Certainly one of the benefits of pregnancy is the eradication of The Hangover!

So we got up slowly, ate some fried eggs and toast in the backyard, the ducks flew in...

and Bobby stopped by.

And while I continued to re-finishing some bedroom furniture, nothing about the day felt like work, as I was constantly breaking to eat pistachios, drink green tea and laugh with the boys about the previous night and the curiosities of life.

I also enjoyed messing around with my camera settings, trying out this cool option Adel had told me about called Shoot and Select, that rapidly shoots up to 10 frames in a row and then allows you to select and keep the best ones.

Apparently I selected them all! I see my iphoto doubling in size very, very quickly.

As the evening rolled in we pulled out the Snuggie, made a salad, barbequed some meat...

and enjoyed the magic of just being.

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justme said...

i love that the snuggie is again used in your posts. you can never have enough snuggies!