Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Way He Walks Bella

makes me happy.

Often, when my sister & Sandy visit, Kev and I will take Bella, one of their Yorkshire Terriers, walking with us and Cashius.

Now, the fact that only one of their dogs even goes on dog walks speaks volumes about how dog-like these precious little pups are.

So Kev, has a bit of a hard time wrapping his head around this, believing dogs need to behave like dogs and always hoping to breed a little recklessness into Bella & Bogie.

And that's exactly why I always give Bella over to Kev on said walks, leaving myself in charge of Cashius.

Ummmm - I'm concerned his plan is working in opposition.

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Anonymous said...

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i really liked the picture of your fridge but im curious whats in your door and drawers there :p

can you post a typical grocery shopping list? or a typical weeks meal plan for you and the hubby? im interested in a healthier lifestyle lately and it's really nice to see it's possible to maintain.


keep doing what you're doing! :)