Thursday, May 28, 2009

Working Through My Fear

makes me happy.

Hey Ho! Kev here. I know it's been a while - let's blame my recent vacations to Mexico and Vegas for taking me off track, cool beans?

But now I'm coming back. And with a bang! Here to share a little story with you about working through fear - something I'm sure most will be able to relate to.

As many of you know, Stacy and I often work catered events when we're not bartending. Stacy even more so then me as she's been doing it longer and she has a couple gigs she does on a regular basis. Or should I say, had and did, as she's now getting ready for baby and no longer working.

On that note, I offered up my services to work some of those regular gigs. Well, I got called up the other day and as soon as I said 'yes' and hit the reply button a wave of fear rippled through my body.

Why? I'm not really sure.

I could blame Stacy and say following in her work ethic and style is like following Norm MacDonald on The Dave Letterman Show

but... I'd only do that cause I like blame Stacy for shit.

No, I think it was just a fear of the unknown. As this particular job is done by only one person I knew I'd have no one to rely on but myself. What if I didn't know where something was, or didn't know exactly where something went, or didn't know exactly when to do A, B & C?

I couldn't believe I was feeling any anxiety about this Sane Kevyn kept saying, "All you'd have to do is ask someone!" But Crazy Kevyn kept telling me it was all going to be a problem, somehow, somewhere, something was going to go wrong and it was going to be all my fault. Ridiculous.

Luckily I was able to keep tuning Crazy Kevyn out, simply grinning at him and his silly ways, and get to work with Sane Kevyn.

Happy to report the job went as smooth as butta.

Rest in peace Crazy Kevyn... RIP.

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adel said...

I didn't know that Stacy is (was) a whisky drinker!! lol
Ill have to give it a shot sometime.