Tuesday, June 2, 2009

29 Weeks

makes me happy.

It's amazing that 5 weeks have past since our Mexico trip and my last 'belly' post.

So there she is. Growing away.

Aside from the awkward sleeps and back pain - I'm feeling great. Sorry if I've been a bit of a Sally Complainer, I truly am grateful for what a smooth pregnancy this has been.

My belly button sticks out really far and my sister says it looks like a faucet.

We now refer to her as Delta.


dirkules said...

That's fantastic!

Knew you were having a girl of course :) Pretty couples usually do!

adel said...

Ok give this a try. I as well have not slept in some time now and yes you should definately be eating or snacking right before sleep time but Ive done some research and RASPBERRY LEAF TEA! It worked for me and its excellent for both pregnant and nursing moms.

let me know!

i am playing outside said...

wow, its already been 29 weeks? you're looking great! ... i'm very excited for a post that's coming about 11 weeks from now!

justme said...

oh my gosh, you just look fantastic! I thought you were going to have a girl for some reason. delta...you guys crack me up

Jennie said...

Haha when I was pregnant (about a million years ago) and my belly button became an outtie, I was so upset about it I wore a band-aid over it every day to keep it from showing through my clothes - it caused a weird little stretch mark directly above my navel, the size of a dime, that I have to this day. I should have left it alone...

Suze said...

Yeah - does this mean you're having a girl? Of did you just say that to throw us off? Or am I being paranoid? Are you watching me?