Tuesday, June 16, 2009

31 Weeks

makes me happy.

All of a sudden, I suppose now that the end of the pregnancy is within sight, I feel like it's all happened so fast.

With this feeling came a sort of epiphany... get present and slow down.

Sure there's some uncomfortable things about pregnancy but, at the end of the day - this is some pretty cool shit my body's doing and I want to be conscious for every single moment of it.

Feel it. Enjoy it. Learn from it.


Barbara said...

wow, it really is almost over! You look great!

justme said...

you look fantastic and healthy!

FrancoB. said...

is that you in the pic? you look great, thanks for visiting my blog.
good luck in the pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

you look great, this is what healthy eating and taking care of your body does to you. Your furture love is already off to a good start even before being born. Cute belly!

Anonymous said...

You look great. And how exciting that in a few more weeks your life is going to take another fantastic turn!

Zelmarific said...

You're going to be a wonderful mother! You already are.