Thursday, June 18, 2009

Après Swim Hair

makes me happy.

The pool's open and we're back at it, logging the laps.

Both Kev and I think swimming is a near perfect exercise; easy on the joints, toning muscles without creating bulk.

The only real issue is - if we've got any where to go after wards... a shower and blow dry are necessary.

But, if we've got nothing scheduled until the next time we're due to hit the pool again, then we go au naturale - wearing our après swim hair around the house and wearing it proud!


Suze said...

That's funny. We're setting up our pool now - so I'll be joining the hair club soon.

AndreaD said...

I love you guys!! I hope that I can find someone and be as happy as you two are. You are so INSPIRING and goofy to boot. LOVES it <3

just a girl... said...

Love that picture. Too freaking cute. Just started swimming but already love it.