Thursday, June 4, 2009

Partners In Crime

makes me happy.

Yesterday I shot a few photos of my sister's pregnant body. She's 36 weeks, looking fabulous, and too close to popping to put it off any longer.

While the shot above was one of her favourites, the shot below...

is one of mine. Even though I screwed up the focal length and got the lamp in perfect focus instead of Kelly - her face is priceless and more so the image I carry in my mind of my sister.

I feel so very lucky to be enjoying this experience with her and think it will be such a special thing for the babies to grow up together... also, she learns about everything and tells me what I need to know. Gotta love big sisters.

It would appear as though the boys are enjoying the new found camaraderie of being first time expecting fathers - or so it seemed this morning when I found them imitating my sister and I as we all waited to see the baby doctor.

Funny boys... real funny.

Now, below we have a short video of a random thought I had while walking the dog this evening.

While at a dinner party last week, our little website here became a topic of discussion and Kev and I were favoured with a lot of positive and constructive feedback from some of our nearest and dearest friends about it. I feel so grateful when anyone takes the time to intelligently articulate their opinions about our blog. While I would keep posting even if NO one was looking at it - I do, and have always, believed that it's a noble effort to try and affect as many people as possible in a positive way in life. Therefore I'm all ears when it comes to improving my efforts.

What I was hearing last week was... more videos! When Kev and I first began The Best Life Ever, 4 years ago, it was all videos, everyday. It became time exhausting and instead of slowing down with them we just stopped.

For the past week we've been disscussing ways of bringing back the videos, and while we come up with some fun ideas that we hope to film over the next couple weeks, we've also decided to try simply shooting random things or thoughts.

So here you go...

Do you all wish you were another age, or do you feel content with where you're at right now?

Also - doesn't Kev's head look enormous in the shadow of him filming me? I think there was a stop sign behind him. Funny.


AndreaD said...

Awww you guys rock. Thanks for posting the video! I'm so happy for you two and can't wait to hear stories about the baby. Like when it pooped on Kevyn or something.

i am playing outside said...

kevin's shadow looks like a dinosaur!

i think its WONDERFUL that you don't feel like you're getting too old. old is for dead people. Maegan said...

oh your sis looks awesome. that's so fabulous

...I thought I was content with my age until my birthday ..and then I think I had my first actual age-related nervous breakdown. But really, I've always wanted to be in my 30's.. .looked forward to it that is. You guys are as adorable as ever ...and yes ...K's head looks like Pac-man. lol

Anonymous said...

nice post, kevins head all I could think of was dinasour then pacman haha

Barbara said...

love the video! Your sister's photos are really great.

Suze said...

He looks like an alien. Poor Kevyn!

Risa Kate said...

I've been reading your blog for a bit over a year I think, and have just recently rediscovered it! Love it.

This hits home with me - I'm 25, and am hearing more and more gals my age talking about how they're looking old and aren't desirable anymore! I can't personally relate, but considering the barrage of advertising and social messages we're hit with, it's no wonder.

I'm enjoying my evolution as well. Wisdom is beauty.