Friday, June 19, 2009

Random Visitors

make me happy.

On Monday I got an email from Adel asking if I was up for some visitors on Tuesday.

Now, as much as I love having company over, back when I was working, chances are I'd need more then 24 hours notice to arrange my schedule to make the time to entertain.

Not anymore.

Thus, "I sure am!" was my reply.

Wednesday I got a voice mail from Nigel asking if I was up for some company soon.

"Sure! What time? Friday at noon? Perfect."

I even baked Banana Bread from scratch.

Funny enough, Al asked me while they were over the other day, what I've been doing for fun.

"You're looking at it!"

Sitting out back with random visitors - does it get any more fun?


adel said...

Who is that adorable little girl? Ive never seen such a cutie in my life! I cant stand it... Im going to scream!
thanx again!

preppygoesrock said...

cute babies

Adelaide said...

Adel's girl is just gorgeous! Adel too. :)