Thursday, July 23, 2009

100 Laps

makes me happy.

I began doing laps in the pool back during the second week of June. Each time I swam during that first week I did 30 laps and decided I would add 10 laps on each week until I reached 100 laps per swim or had the baby.

This week should have been a week of 90 laps per swim but I've suddenly got the feeling that the baby's coming soon so I decided to skip 90 and hit the 100 lap mark.

Kev too. After all - he's my head cheerleader and needs to be in top physical shape!

Okay baby, we're ready - I think it's just about time to "Push it out... shove it out... WAAAAY out!"


Lady Rachel Pie said...

Hi there... I've been reading your blog for a little while (I can't remember the linking of blogs that brought me here!). I love your energy and enthusiasm. I love that you two are so committed to happiness. My partner and I find you two very inspiring.

I just wanted to say thanks for the Cosby clip - it's one of my favourites.

Also, have a joyous birth! :D

inspiredcanoe said...

Congrats on the Hundred laps!!!!! Bill Cosby at his best - too funny!

justme said...

wow, i can't believe the baby is coming so soon! does it feel as if it's going slowly or very fast?

withlove said...

oh man, that picture of you guys in the pool freaks me out!


anyways, i check your blog everyday to see if you have had the baby yet, i can't wait to see what you will name him or her : )

good luck! are you enjoying this rainy summer we are having in ontario? BLAH!

love and light* Maegan said...

omg that is THE BEST PHOTO I'VE EVER SEEN! ..I can't say this enough two are ADORABLE!

Best Life Ever ...makes ME happy :)

I swim with my sis in law a couple of times a week at my mom's ...she says it makes the swelling go down like nothing else. It's so nice how her belly has brought us all so much closer.

Elizabeth said...

You're belly is adorable! Hope baby comes soon :)