Friday, July 10, 2009

The Afternoon Breeze

makes me happy.

More specifically, the afternoon breeze and channel 26 playing on my Sirius satellite make me happy.

It's really the little things these days folks that I'm trying to find joy in as the old stand bys are quite what they used to be.

For example, the 'S' in my Seegs continues to be get more challenging on a daily basis - wonderful none-the-less, but challenging - and then while indulging in the 'eggs' part this afternoon, I officially learned what it's like not to have taste buds!

Hello?!? No where did I read about this little treat of pregnancy... loosing all sensation of taste?!?

Well - unless ice cream turns out to be the only thing I can taste for the next 4 weeks I don't think I'll have to worry about packing on the pounds during this last month!

Oreo Blizzard for dinner anyone? A girl's gotta try.


justme said...

oh wow, i had heard of the loss of taste buds, but hadn't quite grasped the thought of eating ice cream everyday because of it. you ALMOST make me want to be pregnant, if only for that fact. LOL

Anonymous said...

It's true about the tastebuds. I truly salmon filets before I became pregnant with my second child - but somewhere into the pregnancy that changed and to this day (7 years later) I cannot go near them. With my sis it was lasagna and no one told us that would happen. Wished pregnancy would have turned me OFF something useful like chocolate but no!?!?!

Cellar Door said...

Pregnancy just does the weirdest things to you. My hands itched all the time. Just remember it's temporary.