Thursday, July 9, 2009

Different But The Same

makes me happy.

The other day my sister and I were speaking with our good friend Emma who was telling us about an episode of Oprah on the topic of motherhood she had just watched.

Apparently during the show one of the mothers explained how she wasn't the same person after the birth of her child and felt the need to re-invent herself.

Em asked Kelly if she felt this way.

I was thrilled to hear Kelly respond "no" to this question.

Even during pregnancy there has been countless moments when I've felt different then I ever have before, and I'm sure these different feelings will continue once the baby arrives but, I can never imagine forgetting who I am or feeling the need to create a whole new identity.

And so... I use another atmospheric reference to suggest the idea that no matter what kind of cloud covering you may experience on any given day, beyond them, whether they be soft fluffy Simspon's clouds or a serious cluster of cumulonimbus... the sun is always shining - which is exactly how I feel beyond the soft and stormy moments of pregnancy... my simple, peaceful self.


Anonymous said...

I like this post you just made :-)
Hope to see your baby photo soon..
When is the due?

Anonymous said...

My first thought after reading this was, "why would you re-invent yourself?"

Then my thoughts came back to this, and as a mom myself, I know that I am the same person that I was before my son came along, but I also know that I've changed. As a mom I've been dealt with a whole bunch of new experiences that I never had to face pre-momhood. I've handled most of them as I would anything, but there have been some things... unexpected, unplanned and unprepared for things... that totally shook me as a person because I wasn't sure how to deal with them as a mom. Then I learned a whole new set of skills and became an even better person, and mom. It wasn't so much that I've had to re-invent myself, but I've had to adapt while integrating older skills with the new... and allowing this to happen.

Life is about these lessons though and learning from them. Of all my relationships, past and present, I've never learned so much about myself as I have within the relationship with my son. Enjoy the ride!

justme said...

i think that is one of the things that i have noticed about your throughout this. you, to a webreader, have stayed very much the same. it is very comforting to me to know that it can be done, although, i'm sure the tendency is to go the other way

adel said...

I couldn't agree more with Anonymous. I feel the exact same way. Besides one thing that is certain in life is "CHANGE" accepting it, embracing it, and rolling with it is very rewarding as a person, a wife, a friend and a mom... Good for you Kelly!

Hrushowy said...

Adel and Anonymous both make wonderful points. Parenting brings new challenges everyday. With a new life brings new a love, morals, even new philosophy. As each day passes Kelly, you and all parents will make changes to ensure our children will have every opportunity for their "best life ever"