Monday, July 20, 2009

The Good Time Girls & Tammy

make me happy.

On Friday night a few of the girls got together for a low key evening of backyard fun to celebrate Emma's birthday.

A Greek feast, some catching up, cocktails (for most) and some hard core euchre was what was on the agenda for night.

An abundant spread, provocative pow wows and an ample amount of beverages for those who were enjoying, and then... right before we were about to saddle up to the card table to get this euchre tournament underway, I made one last dash to loo (you know, to empty the two ounces from my bladder with the same urgency one usually reserves for the end of a Wilco concert), only to return to pungent smell of skunk, Cashius frantically rolling around on the grass in the backyard and The Good Time Girls standing on the patio still enjoying their beverages.

"Did Cashius just get sprayed by a skunk?" I anxiously asked.

To which I received a chorus of alarmed epiphanies, "Oh yeah! It does smell out here doesn't it?" "She did just go charging into the bush!" "I thought I heard something funny!" "Yeah - I think so!"

Oh, how I could have used one of their drinks then!

Being as this is the THIRD time Cash has been sprayed by a skunk I knew I could whip up a homemade concoction to help remedy the situation.

Following a quick google search I was off the the convenience store to pick up hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and rubber gloves - I can only imagine what the cashier thought I was doing with these tools at 10pm on a Friday night.

Upon my return the Good Time Girls had kicked into action and had prepped everything else that was needed for the cleansing to commence...

and that was also when my dear friend, mother of two, Tammy Tams offered to don the other garbage bag, slip on a pair of rubber gloves...

and help me soak, scrub and spray Cashius down.

I never got a game of euchre in on Friday night but, I was certainly reminded how lucky both Cashius & myself are to have lady friends like these!


AndreaD said...

Awwww poor Cash! I can only imagine how awful it would be to be sprayed by a skunk- especially with a Dog's keen sense of smell! Great pics, I hope the concotion worked!!!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Real friends help you wash skunk off your dog!

justme said...

does the remedy really fully work? i've never heard of that, but the other day we had a guy walk into the office that had just been sprayed. ewwwww~