Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Husband The Copy Editor

makes me happy.

I'm a bona fide Craigslistaholic!

I can't think of a better way to find unique items, at great prices, all the while feeling great that I'm breathing new life into something that may otherwise end up in a landfill.

Recently, with all the renovations we've been doing around here, quite a few new Craigslist pieces made the cut, which meant some of our old Craiglist pieces needed to find a new home.

Back on Craigslist they go!

C-list posting is a joint effort in this household - I take the photos, do the measurements, and give Kevyn a brief description of the item, and then... he turns it into magic.

Please enjoy a sampling of his superior copy editing skills below...

Ride some pine in style with this cool vintage bench.

Mirror, mirror on YOUR wall.

Can't you just see yourself seeing yourself!

Just by flipping a switch you are instantly transplanted to open bush country in the Sahara Desert.

Marvel at its beauty...

Great Gatsby! Only a $100 a piece for this classic retro vanity or dresser.

At these prices you can now live the lavish lifestyle just like the nouveau riche Jay Gatsby would have wanted you too.

Recession proof prices!

But does his wit and charm work?

Let's just say my inbox was on fire today!

Thanks baby.


justme said...

yes, the charm was apparent. holy cow, if i was in canada, great gatsby would be mine! ;)

Kwil said...

I, too, am a craigslistaholic! I am on there on a regular basis rooting through everything. So many great things, if only I had the room and the funds to take them all! Maegan said...


Ginger said...

Would you ship the giraffe lamp to me in Missouri? I love it. I would pay shipping... How much do you want for it?

Zelmarific said...

I want the bench! It works. I'm sad I live too far away to drop by and pick it up...