Monday, August 31, 2009

The View From My Nursing Chair

makes me happy.

Perhaps you saw the photo above and thought I was going to do a post about our nursery.

I will, I promise... soon.

Before Byrdie arrived my goal was to have the major stuff in the nursery done, have it organized and functional. I knew, soon enough, I'd been spending a few hours a day in there feeding, providing me with ample opportunity to look around and allow my creative mind to figure out the remaining details of the room. And I have, now we just need to find the time to execute them.

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you the glorious view I have in the late afternoon from this room.

Who knew? Certainly not me as I had no reason to sit in the corner of the spare room before!

This is another one of my favourite views. Lucky for me, they often travel with.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Half A Slice & A Whole Lot of Love

makes me happy.

At 12:02pm today, I had... breast fed 3 times, changed 4 diapers, struggled for 20 minutes trying to open a Playard for the first time with a baby in one arm, had Byrdie's clothing drawer vomit all over me (see above), as I searched for an outfit that actually fit (how can all 0-3mo sized clothing all fit so very different?), canceled an afternoon visit with Brandi & Jackson, reinstated said afternoon visit when I received Brandi's reply to my text informing her I was going insane watching a How-To video about using my baby sling while my child wailed every time I put her in wrong, offering to come over and help. Help? Yes I think that's exactly what I need right now.

And so I turned on the crazy, awesome playlist Kev made for Byrdie and I, loaded full of songs like this...

and finished the other half of the slice of orange I started eating before noon.

I farted around the house some more, accomplishing much more then I thought was possible with one arm, until Brandi and Jackson popped by and showed Byrdie and I how to use our sling.

Thanks friends.

Look ma! No hands!

Another day... another 10 new lessons.

Love and patience. Love and patience.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Farting Around

makes me happy.

'Farting around' is one of my favourite things to say.

I think it's such a funny little phrase and have spent many a Sunday farting around my house. You know, cleaning up, hanging frames, or distressing a dresser - all at a medium pace - are examples of what farting around means to me.

Since the pregnancy, and the gas that came along with it, farting around took on a whole new meaning in our house. There was so much gas right near the end there, that I once fell onto the bed in a heap of swollen exhaustion and Kevyn leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Just relax baby."

"Phzztbtbtbt!" was the next sound in the room.

"Too relaxed! Too relaxed!"

Poor guy. But, if he thought it was bad then he's in for a world of hurt now!

Miss Byrd brings a whole new meaning to farting around.

As demonstrated above, she puts everything she's got into it - stretch and "PHZZTBTBTB!"

Monday, August 24, 2009

Byrdie Billington Foley

makes me happy.

On Wednesday August 19th 2009, at 11:34pm our new little girl, Byrdie, took her first breath of air on this planet, poised and ready to begin living her very own best life!

Baby is healthy and happy...

I'm healthy and happy...

Daddy's on cloud nine...

Cashius is wondering why she doesn't have fur...

and Byrdie? Well, she's thinking...

this is going to work out just fine!

So much more to come after we eat, poop, sleep, eat, poop, sleep, poop, poop, eat... you get the idea but, we wanted to make sure everyone knows how well we're doing and how much we appreciate all the love and support everyone's given us!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Long Slow Day

makes me happy.

I got up this morning at 8:15am, did some yoga, walked Cash with my dad, and did my laps.

Hit the shower - Kev joined me, had some lovin's and then ate some cereal.

Did a few things around the house, found out someone had written this really nice post about Kev and I, received some very kind text messages, emails and phone calls.

We picked up Rob at the subway, popped by Home Depot and the grocery store.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chopping and cooking toppings to make barbeque pizza, while...

Kev and Rob worked away on a little project we're messing around with.

Of course I took breaks to photograph the all the fun that can be had with power tools,

and discovered Cashius doesn't share the same affinity for air compressor that Kevyn does.

The boys took a swim and then barbequed the pizzas up for the folks and I.

Rob, Kevyn, my mom and I played a game of hearts. Both Rob and Kevyn played beautiful control hands. Kev won.

The bugs came out. Mom went in. Rob went home.

Kev and I took a skinny dip.

Now we're going to rest before... the doctors induce me tomorrow.

What a beautiful day life.

Monday, August 17, 2009

No Stress

makes me happy.

That was two days ago.

And so I continue to practice patience and try not to melt away.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Last Thursday

makes me happy.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you probably know by now that Sundays are our Full on Fun and Relax Day and Thursday nights were typically our Let's Hit the Town and Party Night.

As you can imagine, Thursday nights changed a bit when I got pregnant but, we still did make the best of a few Thursdays here and there throughout the last 9 months. We'd hit the town together and Kevyn would party for us both!

So last night seemed kind of special to me as I'm pretty sure it's going to be our last Thursday night out as non-parents.

Here we are - out of the pool and ready to go.

* On a side note - I'd like to say that, while I respect how different everyone feels about having their picture taken (some are shy, some are self conscious, some just hate it) I do have a certain fondness for those who love it. Case and point, these two. Before I've even begun lifting up my camera their givin' it!

** Also - I blow dried everyone's hair.

And off we went.

While I generally prefer dining at smaller, independent restaurants, one of our favourite spots to hit when we're in the mood for a steak is The Keg on York St. Kev and I have been visiting this particular location since it opened 6 years ago as we knew a few of the staff who worked there. Well 6 years later, it's safe to say we know most of the staff and they treat us unbelievably.

Now I know I've got some hormone issues going on right now but, I couldn't get over how happy and excited everyone was for us and the amount of love I felt.

On top of all that, it was Lobsterfest! Boy oh boy, did we indulged!?!

Full hearts, full bellies, full on happy soon-to-be parents.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Balls Of Fun

make me happy.

Laura invited herself over this afternoon. As she should - we've finally got summer weather in Toronto and the more people that get to enjoy the pool the better!

After some splashing around in the pool Laura and Kevyn moved on to the hot tub to enjoy a couple brewskis while I finished off my laps. Upon completion, I was informed the 3 of us are hitting a patio for dinner tonight.

"Cool beans, but I got get in the shower now then," I responded. "And, I have no new photos for a post tonight. So, if we're going to make this happen then I'm going to leave my camera with you two while I clean up."

The above shot is what they came up with.

I love it - it sums up exactly how I feel right now.

Off to dinner!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keeping My Cool

makes me happy.

Kev snapped this photo of me late last night during my I'm Going To Melt Away skinny dip.

I've got to say, it made me feel pretty good about myself as it reminded me of this photo...

he snapped almost exactly one year ago.

Now all I have to do is walk around backwards, showing off my best assets, until this baby comes out!

Oh come on now, you know I'm just teasing - I love my baby bump.

But, what did absolutely dumbfound me, when looking at the shots he took of me facing forward from then and now, was the comparative size of my BOOBS! Mee Moo Mah!

Just sayin' is all.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


makes me happy.

If you're one of my many readers rooting for me to have this baby soon you may think I'm referring to lightening, also known as engagement, when the baby drops lower into the pelvis, a sign it's ready to go.

While that type of lightening would make be very happy, I have yet to experience it. Not only has the baby not dropped yet, today at my doctor's appointment I found out that the cervix isn't showing any signs of preparing for labour, and there is still plenty of fluid surrounding the baby - meaning, it's healthy and happy and ain't ready to go nowhere.

I've always thought parenting would be an exercise in patience... and so the lesson begins.

Back to the other kind of lightning, the one that lit up Toronto for hours on Sunday, the one that makes me happy today.

Not only did it break the oppressive humidity I was melting away in...

it was also super fun sitting on the front porch with Kev, trying to catch it with my camera.

I done did good, yes?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Shy of 40 Weeks

makes me happy.

The most recent due date they decided on for me was August 15th, which means we truly are in the home stretch.

Let me tell you, they were all over the map with my due date. Normally it's quite a straight forward thing - they simply take the date of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP - a date you'll be asked about a thousand times over the course of your pregnancy by every doctor, nurse and ultra sound technician you see, so if you're trying to get pregnant, I'd recommend taking accurate note of it), add on 40 weeks, and voilĂ , you due date!

My LMP was October 24th 2008, which by the calculations above would have made my due date August 1st 2009 (well July 31st to be exact but, as you know Kev's birthday is the 1st so that's what we were hoping for) but, there were a couple of issues that complicated the matter.

First there was my irregular menstrual cycle. I was on the birth control pill for approximately 14 years and during that time saw very little, if any, period at all. I'd always mention this to the different doctors I had over the years, most weren't concerned at all, often siting my athleticism and low body fat as the reason, one had me switch pills, another sent my off for a series of tests - all of which came back normal.

I went off the pill in March of 2008, wanting to give myself 6 months to get it out of my system before we tried to conceive. During that time I began to track my cycle. While the 'normal' menstrual cycle runs on a 4 week cycle, my first period after going off the pill took 8 weeks to come. The next was about 7 weeks, the next just over 6 weeks and then the one in October which was just under 6 weeks.

Then there were the ultrasounds, another method that is often used to determine the due date based of the length and size of the fetus. One ultrasound I did they thought the baby was tiny and decided August 21st was the date, another one they did they decided the baby was too big for this stage of the game and changed it to the 7th.

You could see how this may get a little frustrating.

Finally on June 25th, the day my sister's baby, Evan Michael, was born I had my last ultrasound and met with my doctor immediately after. All pumped up about the birth of my little nephew I was all like, enough is enough, "Alright Doc, let's nail down a date here."

After some flipping of papers, spinning of the calculator wheel, reading of ultrasound results, he proudly stated "August 15th - and I'm sticking with it!"

Interesting how that's the date I had come up with on my own about 7 months ago as I figured, since my cycle seems to run 2 weeks longer then most - I'll just tack two weeks on to the initial due date and voilĂ , August 15th - it's like I'm some sort of magician!

Anyhoo - here's the photo from that last ultrasound.

How cool is it that we have a photo of what baby Evan's cousin was doing on his birthday... chillin'!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Anti Frodo Baggins

makes me happy.

Last night, under a clear night sky & bright full moon, Kevyn and I enjoyed a Mexican feast in Dave and Emma's backyard.

Our friends have been spoiling us this week with home cooked meals and some entertaining quality time before the baby arrives. Last night was no exception.

Dave & Emma had us laughing so hard during the fajita course I swore I was going to go into labour. Didn't happpen.

What did happen, following the strawberry cheesecake mini cones, was the execution of Emma's idea to lie on a blanket in the middle of the lawn to enjoy the full moon. Seemed like a great idea until Dave shook out the blanket for us and his wedding ring went flying through the night sky... 'oooops' or as Kevyn put it, "What took Frodo Baggins 3 movies to do - Dave does in 3 seconds!"

As no one expected the 11 month pregnant lady to crawl around on the ground looking for Dave's symbol of matrimonial bliss, I took the opportunity to invite labor on again by belly laughing at my slightly inebriated husband and friends frisk the back lawn. Still - nothing.

And then, like something out of the movies...

Kevyn found the ring!

It was quite unbelievable and I thought for sure the excitement would cause my water to break... nadda.

'A' for effort everyone - no baby yet but some seriously funny times.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heirloom Tomatoes

make me happy.

Both Kevyn and I love heirloom tomatoes.

For me, it's not only because they are a visual feast for my eyeballs, or because of their unique flavours, or because they've been allowed to ripen on the vine, there is still another, even better, reason why I love these little buggers.

It's Michael Pollan's - In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
As an individual who's constantly trying to live the most conscious life I can; which would of course include conscious eating, this book brought ideas, concepts and theories across my mind which it had never seen before.

For example, do you ever stop to think why all the produce in our big box grocery stores looks the same? Because it is! We generally eat the one or two varietal of any single vegetable that grows the easiest, fastest, and largest.

Good for business - bad for us.

As I'm sure you could have guessed; easiest, fastest and largest often equals - the smallest amount of nutrients.

With one look at a bowl heirloom tomatoes - the variety is undeniable, not only for our eyes and taste buds but also for the vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients our body is about to receive.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Super Models

make me happy.

Kevyn tried to capture a charming portrait of his girls sitting on the stoop this afternoon.

Sushee and Cashius weren't having it.

I just don't get it.

When they step in front of my lens independently...

they both bring so much to the table.

This itch for them to monopolize the spotlight...

I have no idea where they get it from?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Working On Mother Nature's Clock

makes me happy.

So... I'm still pregnant.

Saturday, Kevyn's birthday, the day I was hoping to have the baby, has come and gone.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a wee bit disappointed that the magic didn't happen on his special day - boy was I trying to will it - but, I got over it quickly.

What am I going to do? At this point it's all up to the baby and Mother Nature, it's their ride I'm simply just a passenger.

The good news is, Kevyn and I had a fantastic long weekend and birthday celebration. He managed to get the whole weekend off and the weather was glorious. We spent hours swimming, barbequing, playing cards, spooning on the outdoor lounger, and relaxing with friends and family.

All the wonderful ladies in my life, and so many of you lovely readers out there, who have had children, keep telling me to enjoy this time before the baby's arrival - get lots of sleep, savour time with Kevyn, and just TAKE IT EASY!

Well I finally took everyone's advice these last four days...

and really got into it! No feelings of guilt, no thinking I should be doing this or that, just hanging loose, floating around on a cloud of bliss.

Stellar suggestion!