Friday, August 7, 2009

The Anti Frodo Baggins

makes me happy.

Last night, under a clear night sky & bright full moon, Kevyn and I enjoyed a Mexican feast in Dave and Emma's backyard.

Our friends have been spoiling us this week with home cooked meals and some entertaining quality time before the baby arrives. Last night was no exception.

Dave & Emma had us laughing so hard during the fajita course I swore I was going to go into labour. Didn't happpen.

What did happen, following the strawberry cheesecake mini cones, was the execution of Emma's idea to lie on a blanket in the middle of the lawn to enjoy the full moon. Seemed like a great idea until Dave shook out the blanket for us and his wedding ring went flying through the night sky... 'oooops' or as Kevyn put it, "What took Frodo Baggins 3 movies to do - Dave does in 3 seconds!"

As no one expected the 11 month pregnant lady to crawl around on the ground looking for Dave's symbol of matrimonial bliss, I took the opportunity to invite labor on again by belly laughing at my slightly inebriated husband and friends frisk the back lawn. Still - nothing.

And then, like something out of the movies...

Kevyn found the ring!

It was quite unbelievable and I thought for sure the excitement would cause my water to break... nadda.

'A' for effort everyone - no baby yet but some seriously funny times.

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