Thursday, August 13, 2009

Balls Of Fun

make me happy.

Laura invited herself over this afternoon. As she should - we've finally got summer weather in Toronto and the more people that get to enjoy the pool the better!

After some splashing around in the pool Laura and Kevyn moved on to the hot tub to enjoy a couple brewskis while I finished off my laps. Upon completion, I was informed the 3 of us are hitting a patio for dinner tonight.

"Cool beans, but I got get in the shower now then," I responded. "And, I have no new photos for a post tonight. So, if we're going to make this happen then I'm going to leave my camera with you two while I clean up."

The above shot is what they came up with.

I love it - it sums up exactly how I feel right now.

Off to dinner!


Kwil said...

Love it!

Wondering Woman said...

Cashius looks like she's getting ready to step on the button to give you the score..... a solid 10....