Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Shy of 40 Weeks

makes me happy.

The most recent due date they decided on for me was August 15th, which means we truly are in the home stretch.

Let me tell you, they were all over the map with my due date. Normally it's quite a straight forward thing - they simply take the date of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP - a date you'll be asked about a thousand times over the course of your pregnancy by every doctor, nurse and ultra sound technician you see, so if you're trying to get pregnant, I'd recommend taking accurate note of it), add on 40 weeks, and voilĂ , you due date!

My LMP was October 24th 2008, which by the calculations above would have made my due date August 1st 2009 (well July 31st to be exact but, as you know Kev's birthday is the 1st so that's what we were hoping for) but, there were a couple of issues that complicated the matter.

First there was my irregular menstrual cycle. I was on the birth control pill for approximately 14 years and during that time saw very little, if any, period at all. I'd always mention this to the different doctors I had over the years, most weren't concerned at all, often siting my athleticism and low body fat as the reason, one had me switch pills, another sent my off for a series of tests - all of which came back normal.

I went off the pill in March of 2008, wanting to give myself 6 months to get it out of my system before we tried to conceive. During that time I began to track my cycle. While the 'normal' menstrual cycle runs on a 4 week cycle, my first period after going off the pill took 8 weeks to come. The next was about 7 weeks, the next just over 6 weeks and then the one in October which was just under 6 weeks.

Then there were the ultrasounds, another method that is often used to determine the due date based of the length and size of the fetus. One ultrasound I did they thought the baby was tiny and decided August 21st was the date, another one they did they decided the baby was too big for this stage of the game and changed it to the 7th.

You could see how this may get a little frustrating.

Finally on June 25th, the day my sister's baby, Evan Michael, was born I had my last ultrasound and met with my doctor immediately after. All pumped up about the birth of my little nephew I was all like, enough is enough, "Alright Doc, let's nail down a date here."

After some flipping of papers, spinning of the calculator wheel, reading of ultrasound results, he proudly stated "August 15th - and I'm sticking with it!"

Interesting how that's the date I had come up with on my own about 7 months ago as I figured, since my cycle seems to run 2 weeks longer then most - I'll just tack two weeks on to the initial due date and voilĂ , August 15th - it's like I'm some sort of magician!

Anyhoo - here's the photo from that last ultrasound.

How cool is it that we have a photo of what baby Evan's cousin was doing on his birthday... chillin'!


AndreaD said...

I am thrilled for you!!! I can't wait to see the little one. You look fantastic and the baby is beautiful ;)

Anonymous said...

Wait - does that mean it's a boy? A girl? TELL ME!!

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

Every time I see a post from you now I wonder... Is this it?!?!?!

Very excited for you!

Tammy said...

totally cute! Amazing they can do that now. The pics of my two were never that good. They looked like skeletal aliens.

Jeannie said...

lucky you got a 3D ultrasound. isn't it amazing?

how could anyone think of abortion? just seeing that little face, even subtracting 35 weeks, it's life, baby.

good luck to the three of you!!

Anonymous said...

GIRL - your belly is all girl.....hehehe gotta love OWT...