Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Last Thursday

makes me happy.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you probably know by now that Sundays are our Full on Fun and Relax Day and Thursday nights were typically our Let's Hit the Town and Party Night.

As you can imagine, Thursday nights changed a bit when I got pregnant but, we still did make the best of a few Thursdays here and there throughout the last 9 months. We'd hit the town together and Kevyn would party for us both!

So last night seemed kind of special to me as I'm pretty sure it's going to be our last Thursday night out as non-parents.

Here we are - out of the pool and ready to go.

* On a side note - I'd like to say that, while I respect how different everyone feels about having their picture taken (some are shy, some are self conscious, some just hate it) I do have a certain fondness for those who love it. Case and point, these two. Before I've even begun lifting up my camera their givin' it!

** Also - I blow dried everyone's hair.

And off we went.

While I generally prefer dining at smaller, independent restaurants, one of our favourite spots to hit when we're in the mood for a steak is The Keg on York St. Kev and I have been visiting this particular location since it opened 6 years ago as we knew a few of the staff who worked there. Well 6 years later, it's safe to say we know most of the staff and they treat us unbelievably.

Now I know I've got some hormone issues going on right now but, I couldn't get over how happy and excited everyone was for us and the amount of love I felt.

On top of all that, it was Lobsterfest! Boy oh boy, did we indulged!?!

Full hearts, full bellies, full on happy soon-to-be parents.


Shelby said...

Sounds like a fantastic final Thursday. Best wishes to you two!

i am playing outside said...

I am SO excited for you both.

And I agree that it feels wonderful to have certain places you like to go, where you know the staff are wonderful and you'll have a great time. It makes the night so much more enjoyable! Maegan said...

So by this Thurs, you'll have your little one? Sounds like you're so ready {and actually trying to go into labor}...after reading the posts below ;) ...yay! good luck. Seriously can't wait to hear about it.