Thursday, September 24, 2009

Being Fairly Positive It Won't Turn Into A Drinking Problem

makes me happy.

For the most part, I believe Cashius is growing to love The Byrd.

For the other parts... she hides her head under the couch.

No really she does, whenever Byrdie gets upset and lets a full on WAIL out, Cashius hides her head under the couch.

And when we're pacing back and fourth through the house, shhhhing and rocking, Cashius looks up at us with total distaste, as much to say...

"What ever made you decide bring one of these home?"

But then there are the times when the two of them will have a snooze on the bed together - so calm and peaceful.

And it's those times that lead me to believe... dogs can't have drinking problems can they Cashius is growing to love The Byrd.


adel said...

Dont be too surprised either, when Cashus decides to tell some stranger to BACK OFF the Byrd! I think she's trying to say... " I can be a mommy too, what can I do to help" Oh and Yes " Somebody get me a drink!"

soooo cute!

Barbara said...

I was wondering how she was dealing. I am worried about how my feisty dogs will be when we decide to bring a little one into the world. Jack Russells are known not to be good around children. They will be older, but who knows. Glad to hear she is adjusting well.

B2 said...

Hey cuz,

Thanks for the comment. Life is spectacular. I am having a blast both personally and prfessionally (we gotta chat about it in person).

Just got back from a fabulous carribean cruise.

OMG Your little sweetheart is absolutely devine.

Can you say B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

Congratulations to you and Kevyn.

Let us know when we can come see you three...