Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buying Time

makes me happy.

The times I find challenging with Byrdie are the times when Kevyn is gone from the house for extended periods. There are times when he works 10+ hour shifts, and when you add in travel time, he comes close to being gone from the house for 12 hours.

And right now, Byrdie's going through a bit of a fussy phase in the evenings. I'm not worried about it, nor do I even wish for her to behave differently. It is what it is and I'm more then happy to do whatever it takes to ease her discomfort.

The catch is, it's emotionally exhausting. I'm guessing, hypothesizing, presupposing and taking shots in the dark about what may help soothe her for hours at a time. Even that in it's self is manageable UNTIL, you compound it with the physical exhaustion one feels from getting up every 2 hours all night long - and there in lies the rub.

While it's nothing I can't handle, given the choice I'd prefer to spend all my evenings like the one pictured above. With someone providing constant support. Someone who isn't bothered by the sound of her cries. Someone who has the same desire try new things or old things over, and over, and over again. Someone with fresh energy to pass her back and forth to. Someone to stroll with. And someone to make me laugh.

And that's exactly why Kevyn and I dream and device, plan and project interesting ways of becoming our own bosses and working from home. It's not out of a desire to buy things, rather to buy time... together.

On a side note I'd like to thank everyone who has been so kind in helping me and The Byrd out lately with your time and words of support. Your grace and generosity has not gone unnoticed.


Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful post. If it helps, I'm wishing for "time" for all three of you too. Hang in there....the teen years are coming soon enough :)

Lori Giacco - Filice said...

Beautifully said.
I just wanted to pass on something that worked for me when I was going through the exact same thing 10 months ago. Try swaddling Byrdie, holding her close to your chest, stand by a running faucet (yes a faucet) and bounce her up and down (do mini squats). The sound of your heartbeat, the water and the bouncing should calm her. You can read more about this in a highly recommended book by Harvey Karp M.D. titled "The Happiest Baby on the Block".

Also, remember that babies can sense your anxiety so, if you are calm, she is more likely to be calm.
Good Luck!

Mike and Kate said...

My daughter is 7-weeks-old now and she's pretty fussy in the evenings, but in the last few weeks it's gotten much better. Either she's gotten better, or I've just got a better handle on things and have a few tricks up my sleeve. We are mid-reno to get our house on the market, so hubby is working on the house all evening, so I walk and bounce and sway and bounce and walk and bounce...you get the point...all evening all by myself. It's MUCH easier when there's someone else to do the walk/bounce/sway/bounce with you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This time is the best and the worst for the wee ones & their parents. Both of my girls were fussy newborns and although those hours spent "sshhhing" and next to the bathroom fan seemed endless, they are gone in a flash! Your baby is beautiful.....thanks for sharing!

Mint Julep said...

This post made me sad for you. I am 40 1/2 weeks and I have a hard time being away from my husband right now! I can't imagine what it will be like when the baby gets here.
Hang tight and know that you will be rewarded with all of your positive energy!

Kwil said...

Hang in there. Sounds like you've got a wonderful support system. While I know nothing about babies or how to calm them, I imagine staying positive, being there and honestly doing the best that you can do is really all you CAN do.

Great shots!

Laura said...

i hope it happens for you, that you can live and work together as you wish. i'll think good thoughts that you can pull it off-- some way, some how! thanks for being the crazily wonderful canadian friends i've never met... sending lots of positive energy your way during this special but trying time for you!