Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Funny Tag

makes me happy.

As I take SOOOO many photos, I'm very diligent about dating, rating and tagging them in my iphoto.

I always tag the person that's in the photo because there are few things I love more then capturing a great photo of someone and gifting them with a print of it. So, with everyone being tagged, it only takes seconds to create a Smart Album that puts together all the great shots of any individual name I tell it to.

The other tag I usually put on my photos is either summer, fall, winter or spring. And that's because I like change up my Magical Magnetic Frames seasonally.

There are a few other tags I use here and there if I see a theme developing (such as eating or drinking) that might look cool as a series in the Frames.

The only other one that I use consistently, and wished more often is... funny. These are shots I've snapped that would probably have ended up in my trash if it wasn't for the fact that every time I look at them... I laugh.

Like the one above.

What happened to Byrdie's body?

And, what is your hair doing sista?

And, just... what?

And, ouch?

And really, are those leaves falling directly in front of your eyes?

And sometimes, even though I can't put my finger on why... they still get the funny tag!


I was just about to hit publish and thought... I hope my sister, daughter, and friends that I used in these photos don't get upset about me publishing them.

And then I thought... no - they've are got great senses of humour and can laugh at themselves.

And then I thought... well - if I'm expecting them to laugh at themselves...

I better be able to laugh at myself!



Meghan Ford said...

There's something about the top picture of Byrdie that is adorable...little munchkin. The ones that make you laugh are the best! Thanks for sharing Stac.

justme said...

These are great. i have one of my own that makes me laugh...i'll post it on my page soon

AndreaD said...

This is definitely making me giggle. Too cute!