Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Funny

makes me happy.

Now I've become a little obsessed with my funny photos and decided to check out what kind of laughs 2007 was serving up.

Some pretty hearty ones if I do say so myself.

Like these gems from exactly 2 years ago.

And while I had posted them way back then...

I'm kinda thinking/hoping I have a few more reader now, who may enjoy seeing them for the first time.

And if I don't... well at least they're making us laugh - and not in the psychotic way that living with a 4 week old sometimes makes you laugh.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I want to see what happened when it landed.

Kwil said...

Love your silly pics!
Plus, a pumpkin! Ohmygosh, I love Fall.
Hope parents and baby are all doing well.

Andrea said...

I love your self portraits so much that I went out to our storage to find an old tripod that we had... It was for a telescope so I rigged it (epoxy) to use with my digital camera. I was so excited to try it out and SHOULD'VE waited til it
dried completely...but I didn't. Needless to say, my camera fell off the tripod and
and broke! Boo! Luckily, we have the thousands of pics on iphoto to remind us of what a great camera it was to us.