Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Foggy Memory

makes me happy.

Ahhh, Cashius. You're such a good girl... who doesn't cry... anymore.

But thinking back now, to when you were just a wee pup, I thinks it's important to remember there was a time when you too would whimper through out the night.

You were also known to get into the garbage when left alone, chewing up kleenx because you felt deserted.

Have crazy, stinky, running poops that would somehow make it upside the wall.

And generally test my patience on a daily basis.

But look at you now. One happy doggie, so poised and controlled. Full of smarts and willpower.

I have to delve deep into the memory bank to remember you being any other way...

and I promise you one day, you too will forget about this.



justme said...

oh cashius....sweet, sweet dog.

Anonymous said...

How sweet. What a nice post Stacy!