Monday, September 21, 2009

Now 4 Youth

makes me happy.

Yesterday, Kevyn, Byrdie & myself had our photo taken for a coffee-table book called Adaptations.

Adaptations is the brain child of Caren (that's her above with the super fun faux-hawk), who had the brilliant idea of creating a photo book filled with a diverse crew of characters, each living, working, writing, speaking, or simply following 'their own wellness path to positive fulfillment in their lives.' The proceeds from the book will be used to fully fund selected at-risk youth to become a certified yoga or pilates instructor.

How cool, yes?

So here I am, one month after giving birth, preparing to perform a yoga pose, in my underwear, with my husband and daughter.

That's right... I'm nuts.

But let me tell you, the process proved to be as peaceful...

and inspiring as the book is certain to be.

I will keep you posted about it's scheduled mid - November launch... just in case you're interested in supporting the cause.


i am playing outside said...

very cool! how did you get involved? were you approached or did you do the approaching?

Manda said...

Your girl takes after Daddy!

Kwil said...

neat idea!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great!

Anonymous said...

The two of you being in a book for the whole world to look at is just way too fitting.

Stephanie said...

Brilliant! Good for you!