Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Pump

makes me happy.

Leading up to Sunday's shoot I had decided I wanted to bring a couple bottles of milk for Byrdie because, I knew there would be a lot of goings on (hair, make up, lighting) and I didn't want to slow the process down by stopping to breast feed.

Thus, last Thursday saw me bust out my pump and give it a try. Ten minutes later - Daddy gave her her first bottle and she took it no problemo! It's hard to describe the immediate sense of freedom that washed over me as I watched her happily enjoying a meal in her daddy's arms.

So Sunday, mama pumped two bottles, just to be on the safe side because you never know how long these things could take. It turned out in this case - not very.

Now it's 3pm, on a glorious Sunday afternoon, Kev and I are high off the energy of the magnificent people we had just worked with, Byrdie's catching up on some beauty sleep after her first professional shoot, AND I've got another bottle full of milk chillin' in the diaper bag.

What's the family suppose to do? Hit a patio of course!

How good do you think that beer tasted? Pretty effing!

And while Kev obviously has not had to give up drinking beer - he has informed me they taste much better while enjoying them with me.

We also had the pleasure of seeing some of Kev's co-workers while out and about, which was totally excellent because they're all super kind people who were totally pumped to meet The Byrd.

Lastly, to top off an already marvelous afternoon, Sandy and Rob hooked up with us!

Those boys had me in stitches, each with their distinctly singular sense of humour.

And there I sat, laughing, sipping a beer and rocking The Byrd while the sun began it's early decent, still casting enough light upon us to warm the back of my neck.

Not a bad way to welcome in the fall at all.


Mike and Kate said...

I can TOTALLY relate to this post, particularly the part about the overwhelming feeling of freedom!

My husband and I left our 6-week-old daughter with my Mom a couple weekends back and went out for our anniversary dinner. I pumped 6 oz. into a bottle and when we got home, I could see through the bottle sitting on the arm of the couch through the livingroom window as I walked up the driveway and it was pretty much empty. As much as I love my daughter and love hanging out with her, as soon as I saw that empty bottle, I thought "Oh the possibilities...."

Also, I must admit that I am not adverse to having the odd beer or glass of wine even though I'm breastfeeding.

muzzybear said...

I had bags of that golden stuff in my freezer for emergency beer drinking expeditions. I purchaed the electric double pumper and hooked myself up like a cow to build my stash.

But oh, the repurcussions... the more you make the more you produce and I ended up with two solid cannons on my chest for a while.

A friend of mine (who is a friend of a friend of yours) introduced me to your blog. I look forward to reading and relating!