Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sardines With A Side of Nutella

makes me happy.

The 2nd most frequently asked question has got to be about... my body.

First of all, thank you for all the kind comments and words of encouragement about my post pregnancy journey back to thy former self.

So here's the deal.

Prior to becoming pregnant I weighed 117lbs. On my 40th week check up I weighed 145lbs, equaling a 28lbs total gain . By the time Byrdie was one week old I had lost 22lbs and no, I certainly was not dieting.

I have more respect for my body now then I ever did, finding it hard for me to believe how quickly it has snapped back. Quite the amazing machine.

Without a doubt I believe all the exercise and healthy eating I did during the pregnancy played a large part in the process. But, in all honesty, I did all that in large part so I would feel better at the time, not with the recovery in mind. Pregnancy gets very difficult near the end - there was so much extra stress on my body that it always kept me thinking, "What can I do to ease this discomfort?" As much as I may have wanted the answer to be, "Oreo Blizzards" it wasn't. Exercise and a healthy diet were always what had the most positive impact.

Same type of thing is happening now. While the numbers on the scale are fun to watch, my main point of focus truly is, "How much goodness will The Byrd get from what I'm putting in my mouth right now?" Read: sardines - full of iron, omega 3's and so good for her brain. If the answer is "not very much" then I try to pass... except when Nutella is involved.

Why did we have to buy 2 jumbo jars of it from Costco to make 2 small barbequed dessert pizzas? Oh I know why - so I could see how quickly I could eat the remainder ONE TABLESPOON AT A TIME! Damn you Nutella!


Ginger said...

These pictures of mom and baby are so sweet. Go you and your post-baby healthy body! Byrdie is beautiful.

I love Nutella, too. Someone recently told me to try it on pancakes, and I just might have to do that. I also enjoy it with bananas. It might sound weird, but it most definitely is tasty. I also like bananas with peanut butter, too.

But I digress. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the look amazing now, but then again you always did. Please, please, please tell me though that you aren't like 5'8 or something 'cause then I'm really going to worry that you don't get enough chow in.

Mada from Minnesota said...

You are amazing and should be very proud of yourself! Hell with the rest! :)

Beautiful baby girl; you look like a great fun family - important in my house too! (2 boys though for me)

Enjoy all those precious moments! My oldest is off to preschool next week...sniff, sniff..

Judy Haley (CoffeeJitters.Net) said...

Pregnancy and breastfeeding completely rearranged my thinking about my body. It's really amazing how the process works. I lost 20+ pounds immediately after my baby was born as well. With no effort whatsoever. The last 8 pounds have been a bit more difficult to lose. But then, it's not about the weight, it's about what our bodies need, my baby's and mine.

I think it's good to have a vice like nutella though

Catharine said...

I found with my first child, the extra weight I had gained came off very easily and quickly afterwards but that changed with the second and third babies. The number of children you have combined with age can have an affect on your body's ability to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.

Suze said...

The pictures of you two are just gorgeous. They should go in a frame.

Nutella, my downfall. You deserve moms deserve it.

My Baby Sweetness said...

What a beautiful baby! Congrats!

Yeah, I found the first 25 lbs came off fast (in the first 2 weeks), but that last 5 stuck around for several months(though I may have hit the nutella a bit more than you! And didn't hit the gym!). Good luck!

Hi from SITs! Maegan said...

Oh you just look amazing. so stunning. You've transitioned to "mommie" so beautifully ;) {I would go about pregnancy the same way}