Monday, October 5, 2009

Battle Cries

make me happy.

We call these Battle Cries.

They happen when Byrdie's not exactly sure if she cool with what's going on, be it a nap, time in her swing or bedtime. It's like she does these mini protests and waits for our reaction to see if a full on protest in required.

Our reaction to her Battle Cries is always the same - big smiles, as if to say "Oh yes! This is exactly what you want to be doing right now."

And with that reassurance she usually agrees with us, smiles back, and then gets her swing on!


Meghan Ford said...

Cutest cryer ever! She's growing quickly Stac, keep on feeding her that nutrient dense milk of yours!

Anonymous said...

so precious, my youngest son just turned 1 last month and it makes me long for those kind of cries. Your girl sure looks like Daddy! :D

Anonymous said...

I like to call them byrd calls!