Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Byrdie's First Thanksgiving

makes me happy.

Byrdie asked if she could contribute to this post, sharing with you the highlights from her first Thanksgiving.

"No problemo," I say, "take it away Byrdie!"

Well firstly, mommy, Auntie Kelly and Uncle Sandy and I began our day by taking the pooches out for a nice long walk. Yes, I know I'm technically not walking but...

I wasn't the only one. Bogie got carried too and technically he can walk.

We made some friends along the way.

I have to say, I couldn't quite believe how big that particular Great Dane was. I told mom to get a photo with it beside Cash so you could fully understand... big.

Dad got up and we hung out.

Uncle Sandy brought Evan over and the four of us chilled until...

we were able to shake our dads loose so we could enjoy a couple of brewskis while...

watching our moms cook.

Mom set up her $10 craigslist table real nice,

pointing out to me that Martha would be particularly impressed with her gourd place cards.

Uncle Andy and Aunt Krista showed up and showered me with love and kisses...

and then Nana took care of me for a few good hours.

I rolled up to the dining room table even though I passed on everything - nothing compares to mommy's yummy milk...

but everyone else seemed to enjoy the turkey spread.

Granddad could tell I was getting a little bored watching everyone else eat so when he was done we played Off-Roading. That's where we pretend I'm driving around in the old family Jeep. Bumpy.

Grandma got me ready for my bath, I had another bite to eat and got tucked into my crib.

Full belly, full heart.

As I lied there drifting off I think I could hear mommy and Uncle Sandy destroy daddy and Auntie Kelly in a few games of euchre...

I know I could hear daddy acting silly and making mommy laugh. Music to my ears.

Very sweet dreams indeed.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Great post Byrdie!

Anonymous said...

Byrdie, I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. You certainly picked the best family to share it with!