Wednesday, October 14, 2009


makes me happy.

Sunday the 11th marked the 4th anniversary of our dear friend Len's passing.

It was with great pride that Kev, Cashius and I...

took The Byrd to his memorial tree to share some thoughts and memories about Uncle Len with her.

He would have LOVED her. As you would expect from any head doorman of a nightclub, which Len just so happened to be at the club where Kev and I used to bartend, he certainly had a tough side to him, but it was paper thin. Underneath those muscles was all heart.

While playing hockey with Kev, Len suddenly collapsed on the ice when his heart stopped due to a genetic condition he'd had since birth - yet was completely unaware of.

That was 8 months after this photo.

Eight months after we had the honour of having Len stand up for us at our wedding.

While our wedding is an easy memory to call to mind when thinking about Len - especially the moment he ushered everyone away from the bar and to their seats so the ceremony could begin by loudly stating, "Alright people! This is like a sporting event - you can bring your drinks in with you but you've got to take your seat!" Moments later I was walking down the aisle - when Len spoke people tended to listen.

But it is the years of friendship leading up to our wedding that I never want to forget. All the small insignificant moments...

that somehow don't seem so insignificant anymore now that he's gone.


AndreaD said...

I was curious as to what happened to this sweet man you two have spoken about. It really makes me appreciate those that I love even more. I'm sure he is sweetly honored at the love you both share for him on this site.

Much love,

justme said...

what a great tribute. i had never thought really about using videotape to document some occassions, but when i watched your collage of pictures and video it took my breath i can only imagine it does yours too.

Marlac said...

Beautiful footage of Len. He was one in a million. RIP. Marla

Ian said...

Such a tragedy. The space he left behind was so much bigger than even he was.

RIP Len. So long as you're in all of our hearts, you'll never be gone.

Anonymous said...

Losing a friend who was so young, vibrant, and healthy so suddenly expalins a lot about the way you live today. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have touched my heart with your tribute. Len was a beautiful man, truly beautiful and fun to be with. I can see why God wanted to hang with your friend. May time help heal your hearts.

Love back at ya,

Anonymous said...

You honored him greatly. Genuinely moving. It is heartwarming to know you have such a strong guardian angel watching over you both.
much peace

Michele Robinson said...

What an incredible tribute! Brought me to tears and I never once met the man. What awesome footage you have of him and all his friends. I'm sure he'd be very touched if he could see that. Way to go! XO Maegan said...

oh this is so sad. and so sweet. two looked really amazingly adorable on your wedding. :)

kay zee said...

wow. great post.

ps i used to work at Opulence, am a friend of Ms. Ryan and am a blogger-stalker, apparently :)