Friday, October 9, 2009

Enjoying The Fall

makes me happy.

Not unlike a leaf that falls from the tree, my little Byrd sometimes falls from her routine. It is to be expected, she is after all, only 7 weeks old. I won't demand perfection until she's at least 8 weeks - wink wink.

The couple nights that I have put her down and she's been opposed to it, I try and do everything the baby books that I've read suggest. Meaning, staying in the nursery, with the lights off, not a lot bouncing or pacing, more shhhing and patting. Trying not to create bad habits through accidental parenting.

Well last night turned out to be one of those nights. Now, chances are pretty good that you know by now, Thursdays around here usually mean Kevyn & Stacy time. Before the pregnancy that would often entail an evening out and about, but even since the pregnancy and the arrival of The Critter we've managed to keep the Thursday night spirit alive. Usually picking up some take out, chilling in front of the tube, letting the laundry pile up for one day.

Well you can imagine my feelings of disheartenment last night when the battle cries began to sound over the baby monitor just as I was breaking apart my chop sticks and Kevyn was cuing up Modern Family.

'Let it go, let it go.' 'She's fine.' 'I can't rush in there every time she makes a peep.' Said the voice in my head. And I didn't... right away. But she just kept going on and on with the little whimpers. Never really crying but certainly not giggling. And then I broke.

After what felt like an hour, I'm sure Kev would tell you it was mere minutes, I went in and picked her up.

As I stood there in the dark nursery I had a serious decision to make, time to shhh and pat or...

sushi and Kevyn time?

Can you see that little smile on her face.

Oh yeah - I got played.


adel said...

You got played alright! Isn't the best feeling ever! Knowing that all she wanted was cozy time in mommy's arms and to hear that familiar sound of your sweet heart beating under her chest..Smart Byrd ;) even smarter mommy for giving in.
PS: Love The Modern Family

Mint Julep said...

Gosh I was expecting mine to be perfect at 1 week. Oh well ;)
What a doll you have!

justme said...

you SO got played...but in the best way possible. of course, by week 8, she'll be absolutely even more perfect.

Manda said...


mama, you are doing just fine ;)

Jeannie said...

she's growing! and that picture is priceless.