Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Busted

makes me happy.

I had been busting Kev's chops recently about living by our Touch It Once rule. Which in our home means; if you pick something up to move it, wherever you decide to put it down - better be it's home.

For example, when Kevyn picks up his dirty cereal bowl with fiber bits stuck to the sides and puts it in the sink, this is of NO. HELP. TO. ANYONE. I'd rather he leave it on the table where I can see it so I'll remember to pick it up, rinse it out, and put it in the dishwasher rather then hide it in the sink where the fiber bits will dry up and stick to it like glue.

This conversation usually leads into one about enjoying the process and not cutting corners - but that's a whole other post.

My burning desire for Kev to touch it once has been rekindled since The Byrd came along. It's not just that I don't have the patience to pick up after him these days, more importantly, I don't have the time. If anything I need him to touch a few of my things once to help keep this household purring.

And the beauty of this story - he has been. After a little suggesting and requesting Kev's been all over it. Remembering there's a place for everything and everything in it's place. To which I tip my hat and say - thank you baby, I really appreciate it.

For some reason, after receiving this photo from Kev today with the text 'Isn't it cool how all these petals fell into that neat little pile by themselves?', knowing full well I had plucked them but not tossed them, I now think my gratitude was not what he was after.

No, I believe it was sweet vindication that he was looking for, proof that he wasn't the only Two Time Toucher in the house. Well, you got me babe.

But I never did claim to be perfect... just really close.

5 comments: Maegan said...

lololol! ...neat little pile.

I love this rule. However, my husband won't even touch it once. Just leaves whatever it may be wherever he may have been. If it's his clothes on the floor, he'll walk on them 20 times without even realizing what he's walking on. It's trying, to say the least.

Meghan Ford said...

Love the rule and can TOTALLY relate to this situation; everything has a home! I'm going to gently propose this same rule in our house, i'll let you know how it goes over. Wish me luck...

kate said...

hahahaha, shoot. :) totally busted.

i like that rule a lot! i need to use the Touch It Once rule because I notoriously leave a trail of stuff behind me. Not helpful! And I bet my neat-and-tidy fiance doesn't appreciate my clutterfest.

Anonymous said...

Touch it once! BAH!

Anonymous said...

Love that rule. It's too bad I'm the only one that uses it in my house. Dried fiber - dried spaghetti. One day my hubby will learn. Perhaps if I touch him quickly on the side of his head, he might get the hint :)