Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hikes With Brandi & Jackson

make me happy.

Brandi and I have been hooking once a week and taking the kids and the dogs out for a long hike.

I have to admit, when we went on the first couple... I had a few issues.

Like - folding up my stroller to get it in the car. You might be thinking, 'Come on Stacy how hard could that be?' Truth be told, not very. But, if I've learned anything for sure about being a new mom, is that anytime you try and operate any sort of baby equipment for the first time - the baby will cry, the dog will get tangled in her leash, the wind will blow and may even start to rain. The lesson here - learn how to open and close all baby mechanisms on a day you don't need to use them... and while daddy is watching the baby.

Or being handed over a decaf coffee from Brandi, that she had so kindly picked up for me, only to stand there wondering, where am I going to put this? Leash in one hand, stroller in the other, coffee... all over the place. Note to self: pick up cup holder for stroller.

And then there was the time we rolled up to a Second Cup coffee shop mid way through our hike to pick up a couple half sweet, tall, spiced pumpkin, decaf lattes made with soy and cinnamon shaken on top. Yeah, that only took 15 minutes. Note to Brandi: if the barista looks new... just order 2 small decaf coffees.

I've also had to have a couple of discussions with Cashius that go something like this... "You know, if you had a litter of puppies you had to take care of I would never yank on your leash or attack other humans for fear that they may eat you or your puppies so ease up on the golden lab you just schooled cause that ain't making my life any easier."

But today, while patiently enjoying the fall colours with Cashius sitting at my feet and Byrdie sleeping in her sling before Brandi arrived for our hike in High Park, a nice lady walked over to say hello to the dog and asked how old the baby was.

"Seven weeks." I stated like the proud mama I am.

"My goodness, you look so calm and collected being out and about with a seven week old baby and a dog!" she exclaimed.

Practice makes perfect.

"Thank you so much." was my humble reply.

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

What a victory! I'm glad youa re getting the hang of it.