Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Single Classification System

makes me happy.

I read this in Deepak Chopra's The Book of Secrets the other day...

If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one and punish you for another. This isn't a correct assumption because the universe is flexible - it adapts to every decision you make. Right and wrong are only mental constructs.

As I've believe this to be true for some time now, I decided long ago that if my mind still needs to label things, I'll label everything right.

Now I can't tell you for sure if there really are no right or wrong decisions, or if I've only attracted the right ones since labeling everything so, but I've yet regret a decision ever since living this way.


Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

I am with you. My meditation teacher would repeat to us "Regrets are most regrettable". Regrets truly are the only thing ever worth regretting. And love that book!


very appropriate blog for the day im having today...makes me feel alot better. Thanks guys