Thursday, October 1, 2009

Six Weeks

makes me happy.

I had read in a few books, and a couple different family members and friends had told me, that six weeks is a bit of a milestone in an infants' life. All of a sudden they begin to settle into life as a human and chill out.

Well I'm not sure if it's that Byrdie has now hit that 6 week mark or if it's the fact that she's really beginning to dig the 7:30 bath time, followed by a hearty dinner at the breastaurant, followed by a tight swaddle and then hitting the crib routine we began this week but the tears have slowed to a steady trickle.

What I do know is that Byrdie's 6 week birthday...

also marks my hot tub clearance date!

Oh yeah! I was so pumped that I asked Kelly and Sandy to join us in the celebration.

And what did we do with the children you ask?

Clearly the baby whisperer grandma had that all under control.

I very nice 30 minutes indeed!


Joanna said...

I have enjoyed reading the updates on the newest addition to your family. She's one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen....well, seen in photos anyway. :) Your ability to rise to a challege & roll with the rough stuff is inspiring! Get your groove on!!!

Deborah said...

My baby-girls are now 27 and 23, but I remember the first six weeks with my oldest.

Suddenly I saw the sun, I was smiling (along with her brand new baby-smiles), she was sleeping, live was so effing good.

You are doing so great and yes it is damn hard, but so so so worth it yes?

Anonymous said...

you wouldnt even think you just give birth 6 weeks ago, guess thats the power of yoga and eating healthy! good job!!