Monday, October 19, 2009

Sourdough Sunday

makes me happy.

Yesterday was, if we're rolling by the scroll, textbook The Best Life Ever.

Everyone got up at a decent hour, not too early, not too late.

We went for a nice long walk together.

Decided to make a somewhat decadent brunch of french toast and invite Rob over to join us.

Practiced my high kicks after we were done prepping and before he arrived.

That one wasn't my best - as they would say in gymnastics - I was sinking in the hips.

Now that's better.

Rob showed up bearing gifts of green coffee beans.

Did you know once a coffee bean has been roasted it should be consumed within 3 days for optimum taste? Green beans keep for years. Lesson here - buy green beans and roast them yourself as you need.

The only issue with the green beans was that we should have begun the process before putting the french toast on the grill, hence the empty coffee cups with brunch.

Not to worry, they roasted up nice and in turn made a fabulous end of meal beverage.

We then did some work on that project we had begun the day before Byrdie was born.

Some yoga and hot tubbing rounded out the day.

Fun, relaxing, decadent, healthy, creative AND productive.

Oh yeah - we used sourdough bread for our french toast.


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