Friday, October 16, 2009


makes me happy.

Byrdie's 8 week birthday just so happen to fall on the same day of the Wilco concert here in Toronto. You know what Kev and I thought about that? Heck, let's go celebrate!

Once the babes were in loving and capable hands (thank you Grandma & Grandpa), we were off!

And while it certainly was a different feeling being away from them, I think both Kelly and I would agree, it wasn't a bad one. You just kinda miss them and hope they're doing okay.

But once we were at the pub, having a pre-concert pint and hooking up with friends...

some who we had planned to meet with...

others who we were pleasantly surprised to run into...

all who were Wilco fans - the energy and anticipation of the show made it all feel so right.

You might think Kev is throwing up the peace sign here when actually, he is indicating the seats we are about to take are in the 2nd row.

I'm positive the band sounded amazing from any seat in the house...

but it was pretty awesome being so close that I was able to rest my camera on the stage to take a shot.

Thanks Wilco - you made Bydie's 8th week birthday a most amazing one.


Mint Julep said...

Aren't grandparents great!?!
Glad y'all had a good time!

Daniel Prussky said...

I made the site!