Monday, November 2, 2009

1st Halloweens

make me happy.

That's right, Byrdie was a ghost for Halloween!

Kev thought she looked more like a nun or a bride.

Byrdie simply thought, " GET. IT. OFF. ME!"

So wrong and exhausting was that ghostly appearance that a nap was required.

Oh look - she's back! Just in time to tell us how to carve the pumpkins.

You like?

Hey Byrdie, even Cashius is getting in on the fun. Wanna try on your costume again?

Eh?!? Without the head gear it ain't so bad?

Okay, it was still bad... but spootacular fun!


Anonymous said...

Love Cashius in the wig.


I looove your blog it's very avant-garde. I'm now following you via rss feed, come to see mine and become a fan-atic ;-)