Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friend Shots

make me happy.

When Meghan called the other day and asked if I could snap a couple head shot-ish type photos of her I was all like, 'Oh fa sure.'

Firstly, Meghan's an awesome friend whom I'd be more then happy to do a favour for and secondly, as you might have guessed - I also kinda like taking pictures.

When I downloaded our efforts into the computer I have to admit, I got pretty stoked as I watched the thumbnails flash before my eyes.

And it reminded me that, at one point in time, I had a dream of making a living as a photographer.

It was a nice memory.

Even though that dream under went a metamorphosis before it became a reality I'm still very grateful to have had it.

There is no shame in only wanting to take photos for free. For whatever reason, money and picture taking never mixed well with me. It always felt more stressful then enjoyable.


this - shooting a subject and friend as beautiful as Meghan, on a cool November morning, in my sunny and warm living room, is a reality better then any dream I've ever had.


i am playing outside said...

definitely some great shots :)

and i completely agree. money sucks the life right out of photography.

Anonymous said...

wow love the last one, such a beautiful woman .

Adel said...

Wow sooo pretty.... stunning!

Meghan (Making Love In the Kitchen) said...

You are very talented, but I gotta say, we could photograph Megs with a disposable camera through a fun-house mirror and she would still look absolutely gorge-alicious.