Monday, November 23, 2009

The Salvage Gardeners

make me happy.

Over the last decade that the three of us have been friends, Kevyn, Rob and myself have had countless conversations about creating a business.

I'd be hard pressed to remember a brunch, barbeque or any occasion when we three have broke bread together and not discussed our ideal enterprise. Needless to say, we've been a little heavy on the examination aspect of things and a little light on the execution side of it all.

Well that changed one day this past August, when I was banging on about what a great idea I thought my refurbished, retro magnetic frames are. As I was telling the boys, 'They're totally stylish, super duper awesome in design - allowing the owner to change their photos with a couple flicks of the magnets, friends to the planet - reusing someone else's cast-offs, and fun to make.'

And then, all of a sudden, we decided to go for it! Enough with the talk already - we were going to actually begin something.

So the collecting of old frames began. As did the sanding and painting...

and painting and sanding of said frames. A couple days each week Rob would make his way over to our house, we'd build a fire in the garage and work play away. Still enjoying each others company and still brainstorming on how this could turn into a viable business.

With the help of a fourth party (thanks Dad), we also came up with a design to build the frames from scratch, for those consumers looking for consistency.

A mere 3 months later, we were ready to show the world... or at least our friends and family. So yesterday afternoon we put the invite out there and asked people to stop by, take a look, give us some feedback, and sure, they could purchase the desire struck.

Well they came, and they liked, and some even bought...

- big smiles all around!

The experience was excellent.

The ideas are already flowing for what comes next.

Perhaps the next sale will feature a new refurbished product.

Maybe we'll look into mass producing the frames we created from scratch.

Possibly we'll focus on The Salvage Gardeners website, creating the content by sharing our humble and humourous creative process.

While we're unsure of exactly where we go from here, we are sure that by simply beginning, the forward moving inertia was created. Energy became unstuck...

and when you create avenues for energy to flow... great things happen.

Don't believe me? Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you more.

Until then I'll close with this - Enjoy. The. Process.

(And make all important decisions in the hot tub.)


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Way to go you guys, that is incredibly awesome!

jessica c said...

I love them! Will you have an online shop? I hope so!

Kate said...

Just wondering what the pricing of your frames is and how you plan to sell them?

I'm looking for a white frame for my daughter's room. I'd like it to hold a 5x7 or potentially 2 or 3 5x7s.

Laura said...

excellent. exactly what i need to swap out photos easily. kudos! lookin' forward to hearing more...