Friday, November 20, 2009

A Snuggly Day

makes me happy.

The Byrd has been a wee bit fussy today. By the way she's been sticking her hand in her mouth and drooling, I'm guessing there are some teeth growing and shifting issues going on.

Wanna know what's making her feel better? Snuggling.

Now I really try to encourage The Byrd to spend a few quality chunks of the day entertaining herself. I'll stay close by but won't be directly interacting with her.

Not so much today.

Almost all of today was spent in mom's touch. And to be honest, I think it was as nice for me as it was for her. I'm feeling a little run down and tired today and some extra snuggles with my baby was just the medicine mama needed.

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Anonymous said...

Look how big her smiles are getting. Too cute!