Monday, December 7, 2009

Knowing My Time & Place

makes me happy.

I didn't realize until I went out for dinner last week, how much time I've spent at home these last 3 months.

While enjoying a beverage at the bar before dinner Kev put his hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was okay. 'Yeah' I responded, 'there's just so many people around me right now - I just haven't been off the island in a while.'

And that's exactly how I felt. Like I have spent the past 3 months on a cozy little island with Kevyn, Cashius, and Byrdie. A place where days are only marked by plans for family or friends to come by. A very calm, peaceful, and happy place.

And here I was, off the island, a little shell shocked.

But I knew I would be fine. In fact, I knew I would be better then fine. I've always thought it was a healthy idea for couples to enjoy time away from their children and that's exactly what I planned to do.

And did.

Dinner was amazing. The food, the service, the conversation and the company - all made time off the island worthy.

The night club afterward?

Not so much.

The moral of the story isn't dinner - good, dancing - bad.

It's that there's a time and place for everything.

And at this time in my life, the place for dancing is on the island!

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Mint Julep said...

An island? What a great way to put it! I'm on an island too and thankfully my island has tv, music and visitors! Cheers to us moms!