Tuesday, January 5, 2010


makes me happy.

It goes without saying that Avatar is a boat load of eye candy - James Cameron certainly has raised the bar in terms of what is visually possible in movie making.

But I gotta tell you, the story didn't suck either. I always appreciate story tellers version of the future and how our alien counter-parts think and behave.

Of course the Navi (the alien culture the humans are fighting) get it. They understand we are all connected, to each other and the planet, and with this clarity are able to see things that we humans are too cluttered up to - including love.

What surprised me though was how power and money hungry the humans are portrayed one hundred and fifty years into the future.

"Really?!?" I asked myself upon leaving the theater. "Are we still going to be killing and torturing ourselves and others over false power and money in one hundred and fifty years?"

I for one am hoping this is the single spot where Mr. Cameron missed the mark.

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Kwil said...

it was an incredible movie and a spiritual story at best... i think it is good to get that glimpse at humans. it is hard not to see that we are a fairly lousy breed in comparison to others.