Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How I Make The Dollar Bills

makes me happy.

Part II - Q&A

And how did you decide on careers that gel with your beliefs?

Bottom line, I'm thinking if you haven't chosen a career that gels with your personal beliefs well, then... I think you're missing out.

I once heard Martha Stewart say that she never goes out to work in her garden rather she goes out and plays in it. For whatever reason that always suck with me and I felt compelled to apply that outlook to everything I chose to do.

As a young adult I chose to go to university to study kinesiology - plans of being a professional coach or phys ed teacher lead me in that direction. While I enjoyed my studies, I enjoyed running on the track & field team (yup - that's me up there) and spending my weekends working my first bartending job more. I had only picked up the gig to make some extra coin while at school but definitely felt an immediate affinity toward it.

Upon graduation, dreams of acting surfaced and off to LA I went. Lots of fun and a few interesting jobs later my student visa expired I returned to Toronto. Back home I continued to audition and picked up another bar job.

This bar job would prove to be an exceptionally extraordinary one for me. Not only did I make a slew of friendships that have turned into some of my most treasured blessings, six months into it I met my future husband working the bar next door to mine.

I've always found the actual job of bartending to be an enjoyable one, and whenever it ceases to be it's usually a sign I've out grown the establishment not the job. While slinging a few thousand dollars worth of drinks over the wood between 10pm and 2am, in a hormone charged night club used be my thing, these days I find more enjoyment working in fine dining where the pace is a little slower but the attention to detail is much greater. Fine dining also provides me with the opportunity to be constantly educated on the finer points of food, wine and service and least I forget the consummate professionals I work with.

Above and beyond the enjoyment of the actual job itself, there is the quality of life I'm afforded while not at the bar. I like the unconventional hours, I like working at the bar only 30 or so hours a week, and I like nurturing my entrepreneurial spirit during those extra available hours ever week. I like walking my dog for an hour in the morning, I like spending the better part of everyday with my husband and daughter, and I like taking photographs, doing yoga, learning to cook, writing blogs, and salvaging old furniture.

No, bartending will never make me a millionaire, but I don't need it to. I have been blessed with a natural appreciation for the simpler things in life which, more often then not - as we all know, are usually free (or at least on the more inexpensive side of life).

Interestingly enough though, I do believe money will continue to flow easily and frequently to us - more then likely as a result of something we start during our down time. Because, while we may not have dreams of buying things, we do have dreams of experiencing things (countries, restaurants, concerts, and oceans), and money would certainly help bring that specific dream to fruition.

Phew - that was a mouthful!


AndreaD said...

I <3 Stacy! GREAT post! Thanks for sharing your views on life. You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

First of all, that picture is awesome. I think your outlook on life, along with Kevyn's, and now with the Bryd along for the the ride....is awesome and inspiring!

Dark Dear Heart said...

i love that picture!!

Erica said...

You are such an amazing writer! I went to scholl with your sis and have been reading your blog for ages now-!You're awesome!