Monday, January 4, 2010

My First 5 Star of 2010

makes me happy.

I can not tell a lie - I've got a thing for out of focus photos. My mom always tells me I see the world through rose coloured glasses, I might argue that I see the world through some twenty one year olds' pair of beer goggles - life is happy, slightly blurry and of course everyone I meet is super sexy.

Anyhoo - this is the first photo I've taken in 2010 that received a 5 star rating in my iphoto. And on that note, I'm feeling this is going to be a year of many, many, many 5 stars.

Five star photos, five star relationships, five star earnings, five star physique and health, five experiences and moments, and most importantly five star abilities in the the arena of giving and receiving love.

And while I try not to give much energy to time and dates, if we're going to keep track, let the record show - every year of my life has been better then the last and, by the way the high vibrations are flowing around here, 2010 is going to be no exception.


♥ Katinka said...

Love the picture :) good job!!!!!

beans said...

are those tiny little boots? omg the cutest. she is adorable. happy new year!! :)

Mint Julep said...

I give it 10 stars!

Anonymous said...

She is posing just like you. Sooo cute!!