Thursday, January 28, 2010


makes me happy.

Byrdie and I spent a lovely couple hours this afternoon enjoying tea, homemade scones, (mommy milk) and the company of two charming women and one delightful 4 month old.

At one point in time the other mommy there and I began discussing how we walk the babies in the winter - sling, carrier, or stroller and how many articles of clothing and/or blankets are required for each option. Hey, not all the conversation was this exciting, our first hour was all spent on b-jays and bummy sex. Just kidding. No I'm not. Yes I am.

Anyhoo, our host, the mommy-to-be of the group, chimes in and says, "I honestly don't know how you actually get out there in the winter?! It's just sooo coooold."

Before the words could pass my lips I heard my comrade exclaim, 'Appropriate gear!'

It's just that simple. Canadian winters cease to suck when you learn to wear your wool sweaters, long johns, fuzzy scarves, panda toques, and down jackets every time the mercury drops below zero.

And to think it only took Kevyn and I until our late twenties to learn the new cool is actually being warm.



kristen said...

she is just honestly the cutest baby in the world. I love her little smile. So amazing!

Kwil said...

I am definitely all about staying warm. It makes all the difference!!!