Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daddy Being Home For Bath Time

makes me happy.

Back at the end of November, I told you about a television pilot Kevyn and Rob shot for The Food Network.

It didn't get picked up.

Well, that certainly wasn't the message we were sending the Universe, was it?

I always, and still do, believe everything happens for a reason but, in all honesty, this 'no' is really obstructing my view of the big picture.

Kevyn and I made a conscious decision years ago to not rely on television work for our livelihood. While we both enjoy the entertainment industry and have done some really fun projects in television and such, neither of had the passion for it to commit to putting our other dreams of buying a home, getting married and having kids on hold due to the natural volatility of the game.

No regrets. Opportunities within the industry still seem to find us and we're always happy to dedicate what time we can to exploring them.

As was the case with this pilot. It just kind of appeared. And it was exciting and fun. And there was A LOT of positivity amongst all the players involved. And for a second there, a few long seconds, we thought this show was what the Universe had in store for us. Alas, it wasn't.

You know, there would have been a lot of travel and eating take-out involved in the show and I keep telling Kev it's good thing it didn't happen because he would have missed me and The Byrd too much and gotten fat. Not sure either of us are buying it but it makes us laugh.

So, business as usual around here. Which, if you know me at all, means enjoying the day to day and always, ALWAYS, keeping an open mind and spirit, allowing the Universe to guide me in the exact direction I need to go.

Having said that (does anyone else keep saying that after watching the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale?), Kevyn and I are going to begin a major home renovation shortly and my sister and her family are going to be doing the same in the house right next door to ours!

How does that smell like a tv show for ya? Hey if we can't land someone else's maybe we'll just have to make our own!

You'll watch, right?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great White North.

makes me happy.

Go Canada Go!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

14lbs 12 oz Of Love

makes me happy.

Byrdie had her six month check up today. Doc said she's looking good!

You know what I kinda like about our doctor? He never tells me what percentile her height and weight are in, he just tells me she's doing well.

I have to admit, in the beginning I was sort of curious. But, the more I thought about it, the more I thought, "What does it all matter if she's healthy?"

Would I love her more if she was heavier?

Would I love her less if she was taller?

Absolutely not.

She's healthy and, I think you'd agree after watching the video above, she's happy.

And that's ALL that really matters.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Living The Dream

makes me happy.

I'm currently reading Aldous Huxley's, Island.

I have the same appreciation for James Cameron's vision of Utopia in Avatar as I do for Huxley's in Island. Though I do have to admit, the fantasy of humans, albeit only a small group of them, creating Shangri-La right here on Earth - as they do in Island, as opposed to on a planet far, far away, does hold an even more special place in my heart.

Here one of residents of the island (Pala) shares with a European visitor one of the reasons why their society succeeds...

"No Alcatrazes here," she said. "No Billy Grahams or Mao Tse-tungs or Madonnas of Fatima. No hells on earth and no Christian pie in the sky, no Communist pie in the twenty-second century. Just men and women and their children trying to make the best of the here and now, instead of living somewhere else, as you people mostly do, in some other time, some other homemade imaginary universe. And it really isn't your fault. You're almost compelled to live that way because the present is so frustrating. And it's frustrating because you've never been taught how to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between your New Year's resolutions and your actual behavior."

That last line, "'ve never been taught how to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between your New Year's resolutions and your actual behavior" really hit a chord with me.

Can't you just feel that very pain in the majority of the human race?

I know we can learn to live the theory - don't you?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Half A Step Forward

makes me happy.

On my quest to perfect the multiple baby shot I learned a couple of things this weekend.

Firstly - the cuter the outfit the less they'll smile.


I recommend keeping them in their sleepers, or...

shooting them alone...

or, in the bath... alone.

So basically, I'm still at square one with this. Not to worry, I'm certainly enjoying this learning curve.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


makes me happy.

For the second part of our anniversary celebration I invited myself, my husband, my daughter AND my dog over to my sister's home for the weekend.

Not only did Kelly yip with glee when I did, she and Sandy went above and beyond our self imposed invitation for a clean bed and warm shower, and spoiled us rotten.

While they did treat us to a spectacular spread of oysters...

(yes - I think we've got a little bit of a oyster crush going on in this family), cheese and the most delicious, enormous lobster dinner one could imagine,

it was the two days of thoughtfulness, that blew me away.

Kelly comes by it honestly. My parents are nothing if they aren't thoughtful of other people's needs and comforts when visiting their home. Small things like always having a couple cold beers in the fridge even though neither of them drink it. Dad's always quick to whip up one of his famous eggle bagels if anyone stops by before noon with an appetite and mom will rush to grab a playpen, highchair or life jacket if someone shows up with a little one in tow in and are visiting by the pool.

They are thoughtful people.

Kelly and Sandy are thoughtful people. From keeping the Brita container out on the counter because I like to drink my water room temperature, to having a bed and all the Cashius friendly toys out for my dog, to watching Modern Family and Survivor AGAIN because Kevyn and I hadn't seen them yet, to making a chocolate cheesecake for dessert (because chocolate anything is my favourite),

to handing me the chocolate spatula to lick when she was done mixing it up, they showered us with a whole, big, bunch of thoughtfulness.

What a weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Five Year Anniversary

makes me happy.

This past weekend, Saturday February 13th (the Anti-Valetine's Day), Kevyn and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.

Kevyn surprised me with a dinner out to the restaurant where we got married WITH four of our dear friends who joined us on the first week of our honeymoon all those moons ago.

As I sat there looking around the table I thought, 'Impossible! No way it's been five years?!?'


Moral of the story, life happens quickly.

I hope you're enjoying it - I know I am.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


make me happy

On Valentine's day, five days shy of her six month birthday, we decided to share the love and introduce Byrdie's discerning palate to her first taste of solid food.

More then being proud of The Byrd and myself for making it six months breast feeding exclusively, which I am, I'm even more grateful that the stars, my body, mind, job and lifestyle all aligned to make it possible.

To be honest, for the most part, it has been a joy to do.

Having said that, I have to admit, I did feel a certain amount of pressure lifted from my shoulders as I watched Kevyn feed The Byrd.

As is my goal for any state of affair - solid foods for the baby = a Win/Win situation for us both.

Oh, yeah!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Challenge

makes me happy.

As I'm sure you've been able to tell, I'm totally digging shooting the wee babies these days.

While I love getting individual shots of the kidlets, and have to say I think I'm getting pretty good at capturing them in some delicious candid moments (as seen above), my latest obsession is trying to capture Byrdie in the same quality of scrumptious photo but... with her friends.

This is proving to be much more challenging then the final product may be letting on.

Firstly, it is a rare twinkle when both children are looking at the camera simultaneously.

Secondly, if they're not grabbing each other...

they're, thirdly, often trying to taste kiss each other.

And so, after a couple dozen shots, I usually only end up with one or two photos where both babes are still, in focus and dry eyed.

On a good day.

Intoxicating fun, nonetheless.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Excited

makes me happy.

Are you the type of person that is apprehensive about feeling excited when you receive good news? Afraid to let yourself go, fully embracing the great feeling and riding the wave as long as you can?
If you answered 'yes' to the questions above, I think it's time to for a recap of the Law of Attraction.

Like Attracts like.

Damn it people! Get excited and stay excited! Therefore, attracting even more excitement!

That is all... Nap time!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Understanding Cause-And-Effect

makes me happy.

Certain are the blessings growing out of your good actions.

- Buddha

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Love Bomb

makes me happy.

Often when nursing The Byrd I'll pull out my computer and mess around on it at the same time. It's not unusual for Byrdie to be swinging her arms around while eating, reaching for my hair, slapping my chest, or grabbing my fingers as they pass over her head.

It is those times, when I'm reaching over her for the mouse pad, in an attempt to scroll down to continue reading one of my favourite blogs, that she nabs me, gets my fingers and puts them in the sleeper hold.

And there I sit, in a stand still, no longer able to change the page unless I shake her loose. So, do I?

Not. A. Chance.

Even if she holds on for a minute or two?

Even if she holds on for a minute or two.

While I know this time we have as parents is short and I'm always conscious of enjoying every minute of it, being sure not to wish for any moment to be any different then the exact way it already is - there are times, like when the baby grabs your finger for a minute or two, that the universe swells your heart so full of love that you think it may actually explode.

And know what? I kind of think it does explode. It explodes and shower's your whole world, and everyone in it, with little bits of love dust.

Now if we could only learn how to bottle that dust, or better yet, fill the bombs we use to kill each other with it instead.

Just like that we've solved world peace.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Freedom Feet

make me happy.

While it is winter, and I would like The Byrd to keep her socks / shoes / slippers on all day long,

I think I like that smile she flashes when she gets them off...

even better!

Freedom feet!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

These Guy's Moms

make me happy.

Yesterday, The Byrd and I had an early morning play-date.

I promise you it was much more enjoyable then these two glossy eyed babes are letting on.

See, Charlotte ain't afraid to show everyone how it really was!

I gotta tell you, as a first time mom it's always refreshing spending time with moms with two kids or more. Why? Because their just so calm, cool and collected about the whole parenting thing by the second, or third, time around.

Kev and I have been debating the whole To Blanket or Not To Blanket conundrum around these parts as of late. You see, any reputable parenting website or baby book worth it's salt says - babies with blankets under the age of one = BAD PARENTS. VERY. BAD. PARENTS.

But here's the rub, my baby LOVES the blanket! Either of us drop that bad boy in the crib and it's lights out for at least the next 6 hours. What to do, what to do?

What to do is ask another mother, you know, the kind that have more then one kid.

So I did. And they asked some very serious questions in return.

And the result? Given the dimensions and weight of said blanket... who wants to watch a couple movies? Cause I got the next 6 hours free!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Whites

make me happy.

Evan got Baptized on Sunday!

Would you check out how awesome his get-up was!?! Is he not just the sweetest little dumpling you've ever seen?

As you may know, organized religion isn't really my cup of tea.

Having said that, I'm all about supporting other people's life choices and was super stoked to share in this special moment with my nephew and both sides of his family.

There was something about the day that got me feeling totally inspired and full of creativity, wanting to mess around with my camera and take tons of photos all afternoon - as seen here in this very cool photo Kevyn captured with his iphone,

nicely done babe.

And can you guess what I think that was all about?

Come on, go ahead and give a guess.

What was it in the air, following us around all Sunday afternoon,

that got me feeling so groovy?

Say it with me people...

love. Love. Love.

You know me too well.

And my daughter stuck her foot in the cake.

That is all.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Little Water Baby

makes me happy.

I've got lots of fun pics to post from Evan's Baptism yesterday but, I'm still a wee bit tired from all the festivities so, here's a quick one of The Byrd enjoying her bath.

Eleven years ago, when Kevyn and I went on our first vacation together in Costa Rica, we traveled for probably 10 hours via plane, car and ferry before we landed at our first bed and breakfast on the edge of the ocean, nestled in beside the rainforest at 4pm. Being so close to the equator the sun drops out of the sky right in Costa Rica around 5pm every night, which meant I had exactly 1 hour to get my ocean on!

And that's exactly what I did, hang out in the ocean for 60 minutes, which was about 45 minutes longer Kevyn. I swear Kev must have thought I was nuts as he sat on the beach, all dried off, watching me float around and ride the waves all by myself without a care in the world.

So what does all this have to do with The Byrd's bath? Well, she too could easily hang out in the water for an hour if we'd let her. As much as I don't mind hearing on a daily basis how much Byrdie looks like her daddy, it is kind of cool seeing her behave like her mommy.