Friday, February 12, 2010

A Challenge

makes me happy.

As I'm sure you've been able to tell, I'm totally digging shooting the wee babies these days.

While I love getting individual shots of the kidlets, and have to say I think I'm getting pretty good at capturing them in some delicious candid moments (as seen above), my latest obsession is trying to capture Byrdie in the same quality of scrumptious photo but... with her friends.

This is proving to be much more challenging then the final product may be letting on.

Firstly, it is a rare twinkle when both children are looking at the camera simultaneously.

Secondly, if they're not grabbing each other...

they're, thirdly, often trying to taste kiss each other.

And so, after a couple dozen shots, I usually only end up with one or two photos where both babes are still, in focus and dry eyed.

On a good day.

Intoxicating fun, nonetheless.

1 comment:

Erika said...

Her hair is too cute!
My baby tries to eat toes and his little friend is a hair puller. Needless to say, we don't have any good photos of the two of them together, but it sure is fun to watch them.